Inside the Kasket

Inside the Kasket

Keeping up with the latest news and events for this spooky little girl.

SML8 at Thee Grotto - Industrial Alliance Festival Nov 2 2013 Doors 3pm $7

w/ Fearpassage

Missfit Toys

Aggraux Kouture


and Professor Grim



Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror weekend, Oct 25-27 2013

See what Kasket was up to this October at Spooky's ultimate horror weekend!
Two original paintings were donated for the VIP guests notorious Sat night VIP party raffle -
The Twiggy painting was signed by Twiggy (Jeordie White)
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) painting was signed by Edwin Neal, Gunnar Hansen, Ed Guinn, Marilyn Murns, Teri McMinn, Allen Danziger, and William Vail. .


^ From Edwin Neal's Facebook page ^










Some misc photos from the event itself


Twisted Sister in full stage outfit for photo op Saturday afternoon

Corpse Bride Cosplay

People under the Stairs group shot

Woody from Fright Asylum, and Mike Christopher from Day of the Dead - Zombie Walk Friday Afternoon


Peter Criss

Twiggy Ramirez at the pool party

Kasey Kasket with Robby Gibson and Keri Waffle at the Sat night pool party

Petey Mongelli and Kane Hodder at the Sat night VIP party






Happy belated Friday the 13th


SML8 at Jax Festival of Horror! Sept 21 at the Roc Bar

All the info:
Skull and Bones Entertainment LLC presents, Jacksonville Festival of Horror. Coming September 21st 2013
A new type of festival hitting the First Coast celebrating horror movie history! 

Saturday September 21st 2013 

Brewsters Megaplex 
The Roc Bar
845 University Blvd. North
Jacksonville, FL 32220
(904) 223-9850


Mark Patton (Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge)

Steve Dash from 6PM-10PM (Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2)

Triston Johnson (AMC's The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf)

L Gustavo Cooper (Director of Velvet Rode, Copiii The 1st Entry)

Events include:

A Q&A with Mark Patton hosted by Babette Bombshell

A Costume Contest hosted by Babette Bombshell

Pinball Tournaments provided by 904PinballZine

Horror Gaming Tournaments provided by Arlington Game Force

Music provided by:

Bath Salt Zombies
Atomic Fate

Vendors include:

Cariz Creationz
JaxSINville Sinwear
San Gato Photography
Germ Spider Designs
Horror Artist Jerrod Brown
The Bone Mistress
Themed Attraction Design
Matchstick Ink
Hillary Warren Pro MUA
Horror Author David Atkins
The Dungeons Haunted Attractions
Haunt Nights at Adventure Landing
Pandemic Haunted Attractions
Umbrella Corporation Jacksonville (Home of the 219th Brain Surgeons)
Children's Miracle Network
North Florida Toys and Collectibles

Also featuring Monster Burgernmore 

General admission is $20.00 per ticket

VIP tickets is $35.00
VIP includes; an event T-shirt, a special VIP laminate badge, a Goblinhaus beer koozie, some Wyzae promotional items including an autographed photo, a gift from Fearnet, and other promotional items such as stickers, etc. Also, the opportunity to hang out with the media guests at the after-party and have a champagne toast.
Only 20 VIP tickets will be sold 

Get tickets here

For vendor inquires, questions or comments, contact us at
Official T shirt for the event


A few of the celebrity guests set to attend this year's Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend!

For more information, visit ,  check

Progress on the graphic novel

Kasket has been involved in a graphic novel project since the beginning of the year - two fantasy characters based off of her. Here are a couple preview pictures of the process


Check for updates on the facebook page

Upcoming appearance in a short film?

Kasket worked with Bryan Seagrave on a short film recently. Keep an eye out to see the outcome!

Some photos from SML8 show at Om Bar New Smyrna w/Human Factors Lab, No Self, Hair of the Beast 8.26.13




See more and follow updates at and

Photos from SML8 w/Combichrist, Force is Machine & Calamity Input 6.10.13


View the rest and keep up with updates for future shows at and



Preview of Kasket's shoot with Jenna Kamide




SML8 will be playing with Combichrist with special guests Force is Machine and Calamity Input, Aug 10 at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach, Florida. 518 Clematis Street. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the event page on Facebook.


Photos from Supercon Miami 2013


SML8 at Supercon Miami 4th July weekend 2013





Photos from Metal Monday at the Om Bar in New Smyrna Beach, Florida 6.24.13




I feel so flattered when someone enjoys my look enough to incorporate it into their own style~



SML8 at Metal Monday 6/24


Kasket on Fright Asylum Episodes 194 and 195

One during a movie review and one during the wrap of of Spooky Empire's MAY-HEM 2013
Episode 194
Episode 195


Pics from Spooky Empire's MAY-HEM 2013

Kasket at her favorite horror convention, Spooky Empire, at their annual MAY-HEM event. She does the raffle prizes for the Saturday night VIP party, as well as volunteer hours to help out. The chain mail is provided by Pandora's Box, one of a kind chain mail, corsets, and other unique items. Check them out on Facebook -




Kasket with Haunted Fray


Kasket at The Castle's Halfway to Halloween 2013

Kaset made an appearance at The Castle's Halfway to Halloween event May 11th for her best friend Natalie's birthday. Here are photos of her and her friend below.



SML8's first new show with the new members!

SML8 will be making it's first debut show since adding their new members, June 8 at the Full Moon Saloon in Daytona Beach Florida for Heavy Fest II! Screenshot taken from Facebook, information below.



SML8 has officially announced Kasket as the new female vocalist & keyboardist!

Kasket is replacing the previous vocals/keytarist Adrienne Noyes. Check out her Facebook page, as well as SML8's page for news and updates!

onfirmed upcoming shows are June 8 for HeavyFest II at Full Moon Saloon in Daytona Beach, Florida, and 4th July weekend at Supercon in Miami, FL.

Back from Harajuku/sushi girl shoot with Jenna Kamide

I was having issues logging in the past week, I can finally start posting again. Got to bring back some sushi from the shoot! Pics to come soon


Featured on

View the rest of the article here

Featured member on Cutoutandkeep


Read the full interview here

Preview of photos from Nude Nite Tampa 2013

To see the rest, go to and click on the Nude Nite Tampa album.


Myself and Petyon Fontaine during the show; photo by Rafael Colon

Yours truly; bra top made by Fleshpainter, everything else done by myself. Photo by Thee Photo Ninja








Nix Herrera preparing a model for display


By Nix Herrera


Sierra Missed on the right, body painting and display by Nix Herrera. Photo by Rafael Colon


Sushi girls, photo by Rafael Colon





Caitlyn Mantis and Jason long, collaborating with Defenz Mechanizm, photo by Thee Photo Ninja


Photo by Thee Photo Ninja



Everything done by yours truly; photo by Thee Photo Ninja


Shoes and bra tops by Fleshpainter; my costume by myself. Had a professional piercer put 6 surface piercings with authentic peacock feathers attached to make the costume. Photo by Rafel Colon



Kasey Kasket performing at Nude Nite Tampa 2012

Keep an eye out for Kasket at Nude Nite's Tampa event, March 7, 8 & 9, 2013. Kasket will be there March 8th and 9th, bringing unpredictable gothic beauty.

Nude Nite's Orlando event featured artists including Nix Herrera - from SYFY's Face Off, Defenz Mechanizm - alt model & costume maker, Perego - Live art performer, and more. Burlesque performances, ribbon acrobats, live body painting, and other secrets in store. food and bar on site. If you aren't into art, come for the nudity!

Sneak Peek of Nude Nite Orlando 2013

Sneak Peek of some photos from Nude Nite Orlando 2013, check out for more photos, and get ready for more Nude Nite action March 7,8 and 9th in Tampa!

Yours truly; bra top made by Fleshpainter, everything else by myself. Photo by Rafael colon



Kissing booth, photo by Rafael Colon


Dahlia Rouge & Jordan E. Michel; Photographer identity pending



Yours truly; shoes by Fleshpainter, photo by Rafael Colon


Yours truly; bra top by Fleshpainter, everything else by myself. Photographer identity pending

Information pending


Sierra Missed, body paint by Shannon Holt. Photographer information pending



Burlesque performance, photo by Rafael Colon



Selling custom original art for a short period of time


Listen up! For a short period of time, I'm going to be doing custom 8"x10" original art pieces for $30.
* If you have an insane idea i.e. Felix the cat surfing on a space ship while buttering toast that has a colony of ants dancing on it with cheerleading costumes while sharks are flying around them, it will be $10 more. I doubt that it will have to go there though, so just assume $30. 
* Likewise, if you have an extremely simple/easy idea, I'll take it down to $20. The only way to find out is to just send me a message letting me know you're interested, and what your idea would be. We can discuss it and get to a decision afterwards.
Shipping is in the US only, and will be $4, which includes all packaging, shipping & handling, wrapping and supplies cost. 
*If you live outside the US and would like one, you will have to pay whatever it costs to ship to your country. I'll go to the post office and have it priced.

All pieces are sent/delivered framed.

Check out more photos at
Here are some examples of things I'm working on/have worked on in the past

Ink, 2007


Start in a series of small scale paintings, this is only the linework


Charcoal & lead, 2005


Large scale piece - 2005. A lot went into this one. I made the frame, stretched the burlap, created the canvas. For the painting, I used a mixture of tempera, acrylic & spray paint, sand, beading, collage with wall & stock paper. Several different techniques as well.


Current project


Sketch, 2003


New dress in the works

Short cut front that langthens to a train with corset detail on back. Sheer plunging V neckline, with a sheer coffin open back. Drape sleeves at the elbows.

Preview of photo shoot with Maxemo LaCrone January 2013

This is a photo from the set I have from working with Maxemo LaCrone earlier in January. Check out the rest at 



Hair, makeup, wardrobe by myself, prop by Maxemo


More guests added to Spooky Empire's MAYHEM 2013







New media guests listed for Spooky Empire's MAY-HEM 2013! Check out to buy tickets, check out new guests as they are listed, and get your hotel reservation! 

New guest added for Spooky Empire's MAYHEM 2013

Make sure to check the website regularly to see more guests added, and to reserve your room early! I have a button on my home page that links directly to the site, or just bookmark! This is going to be a great spooky summer..I can feel it in my bones~

xx Kasket


Interview with FIXE Magazine Jan 2013

Interview with FIXE Magazine Jan 2013! Check it out here


Band demo is using an antique laughing Santa

Scott and I were recording a creep laughter to our demo using an antique laughing Santa in December. Came out perfect.


New items up on Gothauctions!goth auctions

Just listed some items on GothAuctions - cleaning out my closet ~ All really low prices (between $1 and $6) - Check them out here



Interview with Couples Corner

Interview with Couple Corner Dec 2012, check it out here


I love it when I randomly find myself on the internet

My friend Morgan stumbled across my image on! Very flattering :)


The Art Army's Avant Garden Live painting, Fashion show & Photoshoot Ormond Beach Florida 2009

I participated in a fashion show & multiple photo shoots for The Art Army, at Julian's Landmark, Oct 23 2009

Sneak peek of the photos taken at the event:

Lance Rothwell 2009



Art Bar Daytona Beach Florida 2010

Body painting and photo shoot at The Art Bar, Daytona Beach July 30,2010


Kasey and Zak Felisko talking with a couple doing a live painting at the event



Wrap up/ season finale of Academy of Payne reality show


Wrapping up finale of Academy of Payne reality show, 2011. This was our ending bingo night at The Art Bar in Daytona Beach Florida.


Academy of Payne reality show finished 2011

Ken Elliott 2011; promo 'Last Supper' photo for Academy of Payne

Behind the scenes filming of the reality show




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